The company

The company

DonnAssunta has more than 30 years of experience dedicating on selection and distribution of “typical sicilian products” in Italy and abroad, and to the research of culinary excellence linked to the territory and the sicilian gastronomic tradition.

The term “typical product” means all those references characterized by a strong link with the geographical area of origin and to specific qualitative values deriving from the traditional manufacturing processes handed down for generations.

The building process deeply linked to the concept of tradition is the key factor. The traceability, since ancient times, for a product and its realization according to methods and practices that have their roots in tradition or to very specific place. Last, but not least, is the taste factor: the taste and aroma of the product, deriving from particular production processes, can be its distinctive trait.

The “typical product” is therefore local and closely linked to the territory of origin, and it bears distinctive characters and traditions as the result of a handed down memory, carrying methods and habits, lifestyles and practices continuously evoluting.

Our Region has thousands of “typical products”: some of which are endowed with the recognition of typicality by the European Union, this is one of the many reasons that led us to create this brand and to distribute our products.

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